What I do

In recent years I have specialized in supervising directors and board members. Professionals with final responsibility who, from time to time, want to be able to share or discuss their professional or personal dilemmas with an integer and solid discussion partner.

My main activity consists of Executive Coaching, which I see as a ‘safe space’ for leaders to thoroughly explore their leadership effectiveness and organizational impact. Hereby I always match my support to your role and organizational context. The range of my support is wide, I work with you on organizational (or personal) dilemmas, change, effective teamwork, relational issues etc.

My approach is focused on sustainability. This means that I focus my interventions not only on solutions, but mostly on deep self-insight and, if possible, on integration of self-insight into beliefs, thinking, feeling and acting.

If necessary or desired by you, I can conduct reliable assessments with you that contribute to the goals you set in Executive Coaching. I only work with validated top products. 

“My passion is to work with people on deepening their self-understanding. My belief is that the more people work on self-knowledge, the better they are and stay in balance. To be able to work professionally with my passion, I followed a two-year MSc program in the field of Executive Coaching: ‘Masters in Executive Coaching’ at Ashridge Executive Education near London. The only program worldwide that leads to an academic degree in the field of Executive Coaching.”

I do my work a lot in Europe, but also internationally. I like to travel. For example, I currently work regularly in the Middle East (including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt). 

To remain effective and fresh as an Executive Coach, I regularly receive supervision from Erik de Haan, Professor at VU University Amsterdam in the field of Organizational Development and Coaching, and Director of the Ashridge Center for Executive Coaching (UK).