Inspire to improve! Learn to be an effective coach.

As a leader, your focus is on how you can inspire your team to achieve the best results. And also, to be the best ‘team’. And what about the development of your team members?

In all these aspects of your job, coaching should be on the forefront of your mind. ‘Old school’ leadership is out, a participative leadership style is what nowadays is required. And this is the moment where coaching comes in. And make no mistake: coaching is not a hype. We have learned by research that good coaching is effective. It will certainly lead to more pro-active and more internally motivated employees. And therefore to better results.

But, as with all things, you will have to do the right way. What is ‘good coaching’? What active ingredients lead to succes in coaching. Which coaching styles are there and what is is your style? And is your style effective?

In this two-day training we will provide you with all the knowledge, insights and skills that are required for good coaching.
Before the training starts you will do a very valid online test to become aware of your natural preferred coaching style.

The training will include themes as:

  • What are the essentials of good coaching?
  • What coaching styles are there and when should I use the different styles?
  • What about all these coaching models I see on internet (which make me sort of dizzy) and which are effective and which are not?
  • How can I use good coaching to ‘activate’ my team member’s pro-activeness?
  • What are good and powerful questions and what questions should I better not use?
  • What is the best way to bring our team- or individual goals into the coaching?
  • How do I build up a good coaching conversation?
  • And much more……

Information about where and when

The training takes two consecutive days.
Minimum participants is 8, maximum is 12.

Where: Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai.
When: first available dates: September 22nd, September 26th (Day 1 and 2).

Costs per participant: AED 2500 including lunch.

Your trainer:
Jelle Vos is a very experienced coach and coach trainer. He coached and trained more than 2500 hours. His education on coaching is unique, he participated in the MSc-program ‘Masters in Executive Coaching’ at Ashridge Executive Coaching in London. This program is the only one worldwide that leads to a Master Degree in executive coaching. Have a look at Jelle’s full professional profile here.

More information and signing up?

My phone number in the Middle East: 00971(0)586745361
To sign up, please send me an email: