“I-wareness” method for Executive Coaching

“I-wareness” method voor Executive Coaching.

The art of strengthening in-depth strategic self-understanding.

Leadership is a beautiful profession, but it also requires a lot. It is quite a balancing act in the boundaries of organizational goals and personality. It is estimated that 50% of leaders are unsuccessful. How does a leader stand in these difficult times?

The answer lies partly in this: do not just learn longer, learn more deeply! If we try to keep up with all the changes, it will be difficult. We are simply not adequately equipped for this by nature (teaches us neuroscience).

So do not simply learn more, but learn deeper. In order not to be unexpectedly upset by all kinds of changes, tensions, pressure, it is highly desirable to have a profound self-insight in this time. Where is my strength, where do I fly out of the corner, and how do I balance it?

But how does your own eye see that it is color blind? Self-reflection on one’s own actions – looking at ourselves from a distance – is paradoxical. We need others to change. “Change emerges in communicative interaction” (Ralp Stacey).

The I-Wareness method is very suitable for leaders and professionals who want to work proactively to strengthen effectiveness in a sustainable way. It focuses on an in-depth strategic self-understanding in relation to your current or future context.

The “I -wareness” Method The method consists of various work forms, interventions and supporting instruments. In this method we will not only have helping conversations, but you will also reflect in a structured way and perhaps do some study. It is based on sound theoretical psychological and business theories and approaches.

The starting point is customized work for you. The “optional building blocks” for the customized program are:

Realize a good working alliance. Contracting, including confidentiality and other relevant aspects. We work on the basis of the “Code of Conduct” for Ashridge Coaches. Exploration phase”

The whole story counts.
We will not complete the exploration phase until we have reached agreement on your core question.

Extensive test phase to visualize, among other things, your personality, work styles, “relation” style and possible “challenges”. Challenges are your behavior that becomes visible under pressure or severe fatigue (overseers, dysfunctional behavior or even derailments). These challenges are tested with one or more components of the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series. This phase is intended for objectification and the detection of “blind spots”.

Organic written work plan: reflection in multiple layers, focused on strategic self-insight
We come here to the core of the method. It is about reflecting in “multiple layers”.You work on the basis of a work plan written by you, which we provide with scientifically substantiated comments in every step. The work plan contains a number of perspectives that can help you strengthen your strategic self-understanding. Fed from all phases of the methodology. Possibly supplemented with specific assignments or literature study.Since it is about “strategic self-insight” a link is made between your personality (nature, nurture, choices, blind spots, possible “challenges”) and the current or future context.

Coaching sessions
Minimum 12 hours of individual coaching 

The aftercare phase is a fixed part of I-Wareness. The aim is to prevent relapse and to anchor change. 

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