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Highly Responsive Teams

August 19, 2019 @ 08:00 - August 20, 2019 @ 17:00 UTC+0

The world is changing fast. Complexity and pressure are increasing. This also makes the interdependence of and between team members increasingly important. How “responsive” are your teams when it comes to responding to changes in the context? And how responsive is your team when it comes to the strength of mutual relationships? How does the team ensure that everyone stays connected?In other words: how does the team work on “dare (direction), share and care”?

Responsiveness in a team or organization context cannot be described with a single sentence.

In the first place it is about a team being very aware of all the developments or the desired results that it stands for. What is the assignment for the team? Is this task actually within the ears of the team members and are they acting accordingly? Do the individual team members give the same meaning and value to what needs to be done? The underlying learning process here is not “clarification”, but “giving meaning”.

Secondly, it is about the strength of the mutual relationships. Are the team members willing to support each other? And are they actively working on this? What exactly determines the power of mutual relationships in this specific team? And do the mutual relationships remain strong even when the team is under great pressure?

We know from research that when people are put under pressure, they sometimes start to act completely differently than under normal circumstances. Do the team members know of each other which behavior becomes visible under pressure?

And finally, it may be good to say something seemingly paradoxical. We want to improve “as a team”, while you could also say that “a team” does not exist. You could say that there are only individual team members who communicate and interact effectively or ineffectively with each other. By putting it this way (regardless of whether everyone sees it this way) it is immediately clear what “highly responsive teams” characterizes: individual team members who take responsibility for their own contribution to the whole, “the team”.

At the end of the training:

  • The participants have a clear picture of the personality of the individual team members, under normal circumstances and under pressure
  • Participants have insight into what they have to do individually to make a maximum contribution to the team, and what they need for this
  • The team members can link the team characteristics (read: the sum of the individual characteristics and how they interact) to the ‘assignment’ of the team. Where is the team already effective towards the assignment? And where can the team further develop
  • The individual team members know what the risks are in the mutual relationships, and what effect they have on the “responsiveness”
  • The participants can clearly state the next steps in the development of the team.

How the training works
The “Highly Responsive Teams” training can be done in two or three days. This also depends on the number of participants. The training is strongly tailored to your specific context, but has a basic structure. Work is first done on the self-awareness of the individual members (self-awareness), then work on “the assignment”, and then on the team dynamics.
The minimum number of participants is six, the maximum twelve. Do you want more information? We are of course happy to talk to you. Send us a message


August 19, 2019 @ 08:00
August 20, 2019 @ 17:00
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