Ashridge Quality


Ashridge Quality

An Ashridge Executive Coach guarantees the utmost quality and highest possible standards. All coaches are trained at the beautiful and renowned Ashridge Executive Education campus near London.

Ashridge Business School near London

The Master’s in Executive Coaching program is the only course worldwide to offer an academic degree (MSc) in the field of Executive Coaching.

Ashridge Executive Education has been internationally accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. Also, the Executive Coaching accreditation process received the EMCC European Quality Award in 2017. This means that Ashridge courses enjoy a unique status within the world of international business schools.

The Ashridge Code of Conduct

As an Ashridge accredited Executive Coach, I follow the Ashridge Code of Conduct. The purpose of this code of conduct is to guarantee coaching standards, whilst informing and protecting potential clients and organizations.

You can find the Ashridge Code of Conduct for Coaches here.

Ashridge Coaches work on the basis of the following principles
We believe that effective Executive Coaching:

  • Is based on setting up and maintaining an effective working relationship with the client.
  • Has a clear focus on results and objective, but leaves room for creative solutions
  • Is clearly targeted at supporting organisational performance
  • Provides a setting for feedback on behaviour and styles, facilitating self-awareness, learning, and personal change
  • Guarantees full confidentiality for each individual client
  • Can be short-term or long-term, with clear predetermined contracts and boundaries, focused on avoiding dependency
  • Can be both supportive and directive, depending on the setting at hand
  • Is based on sound psychological theories and models taken from fields such as coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, and organisational change
  • Is maintained by the coaches themselves by working on personal feedback, continued learning, and self-development at the highest possible level