About Hogan Assessments

Hogan Assessment Systems

I am a certified Hogan Leadership Forecast Series assessor (New York, 2017).

The Hogan Assessment systems are used to measure and predict leadership behaviour in 56 countries worldwide. In the USA, more than half of all Fortune 500 companies use the Hogan method.

I primarily make use of Hogan in I-wareness Coaching en Career Focused Coaching. In these intensive types of coaching I work with clients on strengthening their effectiveness in a sustainable way.
The client will gain a thorough understanding of his or her personality, any possible personal counterproductive behaviour, ánd how he or she relates (‘inter-acts’) to others. This is important, because leadership is by itself a relational phenomenon.

Gaining thorough insight in one’s own personality ánd one’s possible counterproductive behaviour results in a very solid base for sustainable effective leadership. 

If you do not need coaching, but you do want to gain insight in your effectiveness in a reliable way, you can choose to do do our I-wareness Effectiveness Scan. In addition, the Hogan Assessments systems are very valuable in career issues. Our I-wareness Career Scan is a good example.  You can ask about all the options here.

INSIGHT INTO possible risks

Many assessment methods primary look at the subject’s talents and strengths,
and so does the Hogan method (with its HPI and Values, for instance). For me, however, the remarkable thing about Hogan is that it also offers a specific tool (Hogan HDS/Challenges) to get a reliable insight into potential counterproductive behaviour. What are your riskiest behavioural patterns? What does this say about your leadership behaviour ánd needed development?

Research points to a clear link between dysfunctional patterns and leadership effectiveness (Kaiser, LeBreton & Hogan, 2015).

The Hogan assessment method is an excellent, unique tool to discover ones strengths and talents, ánd to uncover and analyse potential dysfunctional behaviour! From this point of view, it offers great learning opportunities!